Firstly, immediately after your lash application, we recommend trying to keep the lashes dry for 24 hours, which includes away from extreme heat/sweat and steam. Some salons don’t agree with this, and that’s ok – we all do things differently. This is mainly so that you keep things like shampoo, oily face creams etc from getting on them and to avoid touching them whilst they are brand new and that they aren’t exposed to steam straight away.

No oil. Lashes HATE, hate hate oily products, full stop – especially just prior to an infill, as it soaks into your natural lashes and can make bonding tricky. Micellar water is included here, as many micellar waters actually contain oily ingredients. PLEASE DON’T USE MICELLAR WATER! It’s in caps because we get asked almost weekly if we’re sure about this. We really truly are. Use an oil-free makeup remover – like our LashGame makeup remover, which is super good at getting almost all eye makeup off – it’s strong and gentle! Please avoid any waterproof makeup and things like gel/pot eyeliners as they are sticky and the oils eventually degrade the lash adhesive. If you use mascara on your volume lashes, it will destroy them and they will look like clumpy classic lashes.

Sunscreen – it’s very important to use it, of course, but make sure it’s an oil-free one. Spray on isn’t a great idea either as it will get all in between your lashes, if you spray your face and can make your lashes stick together. Many brands made specific sunscreen for your face.

Clean your lashes – it gets the skin oils off them. Did you know that your eyelids are one of the oiliest parts of your body?  Follow the makeup removal with a lash wash. Makeup wipes/cotton pads are not suitable for use around eyelash extensions as they snag.

Now, why does it seem that your lash extensions don’t last as well in summer? This isn’t the case for everyone, and it does depend on your lifestyle, skin and hair type. We do however find that on average, our clients get an extra 4-5 days between infills in winter. In summer, your hair (and your lashes) grow faster – so lashes grow out a little more quickly. Asking your lash stylist to make your lashes a little bit shorter in summer will actually help with retention, as they won’t get as messy when they grow out. If it’s very steamy and humid, extensions may not last as long – this is mainly due to the extra oil your skin produces in the hotter months.  So it’s likely you will need infills a little more frequently than in the dry winter months, when lashes don’t grow as fast and your skin usually has less oil sitting on it. You can however help combat this with keeping your lashes and lids clean!

And if you have any questions at all, give us a call – we are only too happy to help! .