Cosmetic tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo

Device: Long-Time-Liner’s® goal is to enable Linergists to work with the maximum level of precision and to ensure that our customers have a relaxing experience, leading to the best possible results. The company has therefore been continually developing and improving its semipermanent make-up technology for over 20 years.

Pigments: Our used pigments are organic, high quality and provides optimal pigmentation.  It is for this reason that Long-Time-Liner has been continuously developing and perfecting the technology of pigmentation since the firm was founded 20 years ago. Long-Time-Liner® develops the micro-pigmentation devices and inks itself, which are manufactured in Munich.

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With multiple permanent eyebrow makeup solutions to choose from, there’s sure to be something that fits your specific style and taste. These different processes provide different results for different types of eyebrows.

Classic Lines

Classic, light and super thin hairstrokes. Perfectly complements your eyebrows and gives it a natural look.

85 000 HUF

Natural Micro Lines

Natural looking micro hair strokes that follows the direction of the hair, perfectly complements your eyebrows.

85 000 HUF

Shaded Lines

3D eyebrow technique using more than one colour to give you the most natural look.

85 000 HUF


Permanent eyeliner can be used to give you a perfect look from the moment you wake up. Whether you’d like to make your eye appear wider or smaller, permanent eyeliner can give your eye the perfect definition to match your style. Permanent eyeliner will draw attention and highlight specific features of the eyes.
No more smudged or assymetrical eyeliner.

Normal upper eyeliner contour

Natural looking eyeliner contour which is perfect for an everyday makeup.

60 000 HUF

Perfect cat eyeliner contour

Feminin and dramatic look.

68 000 HUF

Bottom eyeliner contour

A light contour that enchances your eyes even more.

30 000 HUF

Lip Shading


Half lip shading

Invisible contour line which gives your lips a fuller, blends in with the natural shade of the lips.

65 000 HUF

Full Lip Shading

Natural looking, makes lips look plumper. It is recommended for guests who have thinner lips and would like to enchance them.

85 000 HUF

*It is extremely important that you let your technician know if you’ve ever had a cold sore outbreak on your lips. If this does happen to be the case, our technicians will ask you to take medication prescribed by a doctor before the procedure. Also, if you have had any recent lip modifications, such as surgery, we urge you to consult with a physician before you schedule an appointment. The doctor will inform you on exactly how long you should wait before having permanent makeup etched onto your lips.

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